Here is a way to get money at your doorstep…, By Prakash Nadahalli

Our area postman Mr Venkatesh is familiar with us. Always I   try to be friendly with postman , telephone lineman, water meter reader, because they are the key persons who help us a lot.
When I was enquiring with him about ATM card for my post office savings bank account, he told me , sir, now we can deliver your cash at your doorstep and no need for card or cheque also. I was wondering how it could be . He briefed me , Aadhar number, mobile set are enough and one needs to phone post master about withdrawl of cash and one’s locality.
As I had worked in IT department in bank , I was keen to know how it would work. Next day , Venkatesh came with electronic gadget , took details like full name of mine, mobile number and entered in his electronic gadget and I got an OTP (one time password) to my mobile. When I shared my OTP with him, he entered in the machine. Then he enquired my Aadhar number and my banker. When I shared both of them with him , he entered the inputs. He asked me how much cash I need., I told him Rs 5000. When he entered the amount, the machine asked my thumb impression. I provided my thumb impression, machine has thrown an error ” biometrics did not match”. Same was the case with my wife’s case also. Then postman told me sir, you go to your bank and give them thumb impression once again. I was disappointed how it could happen , we had satisfied all KYC norms with the bank and had provided all details of us including thumb impression and iris also to Aadhar authority. The very thought we have to run from pillar to post for this rectification of bio metric system was making me sick of the systems.
Same day afternoon I went to bank and enquired about mismatch of bio metric . None of them knew about bio metric and the new system of cash withdrawal also. What they could do was they verified whether Aadhar number was in the system. Luckily it was entered. Only the officer , who was on leave that day, could help us. We need to wait till Monday.
Monday , we went to the branch to meet the officer who told us that we have no system of taking bio metric of aadhar but what we could is we could verify whether Aadhar numbers were linked to the account or simply entered in the system. When he checked it out, Aadhar number was entered but not linked to the account. He volunteered and tried to link our Aadhar numbers to our respective accounts. We got OTP to our mobile and shared OTP was entered into the system. Accounts were linked to the Aadhar.
Next day , I contacted our area postman and requested him for the amount , he again carried out similar procedure he had done the other day, it was successful, I could get a cash of R 3000 by debit to my corporation bank account. I was very happy the way technology adopted by Indian Postal Department to door step of common man.
If any of you are interested in understanding the new system of door delivery of cash from your account without card or cheque, please read carefully my brief note below:
Criteria: 1. An individual should have an account in a bank, which should be linked with Aadhar number and mobile of the individual.
2. Individual should have sufficient balance in account , one can draw Rs 100 minimum amount and maximum Rs 5000. Individual has to contact postmaster of the concerned area and to inform his or her location and the amount , the account holder wants to draw.
3. When the postman reaches your house , you need to provide details : full name of the account holder, mobile number, OTP received by the account holder to the mobile, your bank’s name, amount of withdrawl and at the end providing the bio metric of the account holder. The moment your transaction is successful, the account holder gets the message to the mobile. Postman hands over the money to you.
This facility of door delivery of cash will be certainly helpful to housewives, senior citizens, village folks, the persons during their illness.

ತೋಟದಿಂದ ತಾಟಿಗೆ: ಹಾಗಲಕಾಯಿ ಚಟ್ನಿಪುಡಿ : ಪ್ರಕಾಶ ನಡಹಳ್ಳಿ

ಅಗತ್ಯವಾದ ವಸ್ತುಗಳು: ಹಿತ್ತಲಿನ ಎರಡು ಹಾಗಲಕಾಯಿ ಸಣ್ಣ ಗಾತ್ರದ್ದು , ಒಂದು ಹಸಿಮೆಣಸು, ಸ್ವಲ್ಪ ಕೊಬ್ಬರಿ.
ವಿಧಾನ: ಗಾಲಿಯಾಕಾರದಲ್ಲಿ ತುಂಡುಮಾಡಿದ ಹಾಗಲಕಾಯಿ ಹಾಗೂ ಹಸಿಮೆಣಸು ಅರ್ಧ ಚಮಚ ಎಣ್ಣೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ಹುರಿಯಿರಿ. ನಂತರ ಕೊಬ್ಬರಿ ತುರಿಯೊಂದಿಗೆ ಹುರಿದ ಪದಾರ್ಥವನ್ನು ಮತ್ತು ಉಪ್ಪು ಮಿಕ್ಸಿಯಲ್ಲಿ ಹುಡಿ ಮಾಡಿ. ಚಟ್ನಿ ಪುಡಿ ಸಿದ್ಧ. ತುಪ್ಪ, ರೊಟ್ಟಿಯೊಂದಿಗೆ ಸವಿಯಿರಿ.

One should not miss Soori’s Wonderful Garden ! By Prakash Nadahalli

Yesterday , my wife remindedme that she has promised her friend Anupama soori that we would visit their garden on Sunday evening. I told my wife I have visited their house 6 or 7 years ago and remember the location of their house. We received location map also but name of the house was not mentioned. I thought we can easily locate the house or we can and go enquire whereever garden could be seen.We were near the location but I was looking for a garden. We passed one garden and the next one was Soori’s house. Outside the compound wall, we could get a good shade of bamboo for our vehicle. It was Mr DM soori and Mrs Anupama Soori s home and garden. The moment I saw their bamboos , the picture of Bamboos grown in Kadri Park came to my mind. Outside the compound wall of their home , bamboos are looking like green curtain to cover their snow coloured painting on the exterior wall. It is protecting from the hot sun as well as from the dust also. The moment we enter the gate on left hand side , we could see the creepers of two varities of money plant , jasmine appearing as another green curtain for their house, while on the right hand side a giant mango (mallika) tree was standing as if it is bowing its head to invite us.


Mango’s tree
Both Soori couple welcomed us to their house but my wife preferred first to look at the garden. We went to see the Giant Mangoe tree , it has touched the roof of the house. Before that many small ornamental plants were nicely arranged along the steps to reach the mango tree.



Picture of tiny ornamental plants

At the corner , four / five varieties of cactus were seen. When we crossed the steps to other gate , we found boganvilla bush of flowers of brown, maroon and white coloured . Beside that gosampige of maroon and white coloured were there. White coloured gosampige had grown as if it is reaching the sky . There is a big well with plenty of water. Many hanging pots are there.





Hanging pots

Creepers are there, a kind of creeper grows in air only. That looks like plastic thin wires…many hanging pots have orchids. Orchids require charcoal, sand , pieces of red tiles. Pots for orchid need to have many holes , which Anupama and her hubby have done it for hundreds of  pots manually. Hundreds of ornamental tiny plants are there. Four coconut trees are found. One Divi halasu (ಜೀಗುಜ್ಜೆ) and one jack fruit plant are also there. We could see two jayikayi plants which have medicinal value. Anthorium plants are there.



Picture of boganvilla



Tiny flower plants



Two Small ponds of lotus

Two small ponds are each pond there are many lotus plants nearly six buckeplants. Outisde the pond lotus plants are there in many buckets.



In one corner, we could see one green chilly plant , cucumber, bitter gourd, hot chilly.
In first floor , they have grown palak, spinach, ginger, while in the second floor, we could see spinach, brinjal and ladies finger.

Mr Soori shared that they had present house since 1995, but later in 2010 or so he bought this adjacent land and now it has grown into full pledged garden. Anupama has a keen interest in garden. She had grown vegetables also 6 or 7 years ago, but she developed interest in ornamental garden. Her routine is she waters the plants in the morning for one and half an hour. In the evening after 4 pm, she would be in the garden. She has to focus on each and every plant, may be pruning, watering , identifying any problem, providing nutrition like groundnut feeds, liquid of cow dung on a weekly basis. On random basis, she hires the services of house maid in the garden. If she goes out of city, she would train a person to water the plants. She is dedicated herself to garden and must be busy with many experiments in the garden. Her hubby is also very much supportive .

Anupama is not only an expert in gardening but lays her expert and experienced hands in the kitchen also in preparing sweet dishes.
Their garden is more than nursery. A garden lover can spend half a day here. Layman also needs an hour to have a complete look at the garden.






Finally ….,Cat has got a rebirth… Prakash Nadahalli

When I was 20 years young, I was staying with my sisters in Shimoga for studies in the college. We were living in a small rented house . In our compound , one creeper of Jasmine had added to the beauty to the small house, unlike now a vehicle is accommodated in the corridor or sit out. Although house was small, one drawing room adjacent to it one more room and next kitchen. It is similar to railway bogies. Fortunately every room has got windows. We need to keep at least one window open for ventilation.
We were cooking our breakfast, lunch and dinner but we had limited vessels. My sisters used to cook uppittu, avalakki, sambhar , dal and rice. I was able to cook rice and rarely preparing sambhar. In those days, there was no packet milk concept. Milk vendor from nearby village was supplying milk to our house. We used to drink milk a little , rest reserved for curds, without which we could not imagine lunch. My relatives used to make fun of us for excessive use of curds saying that in case I launch a political party, the symbol of my party will be curds!. Our routine was smoothly going on.
We used to store our milk and curds in the kitchen. Stray cats were more in the locality. On one or two occasions , cat had entered our house and had drunk milk . Curds was like our gold , we could not afford to loose it. We started storing milk and curds in our middle bogie room. One cat got the taste of our curds and milk , it somehow often was drinking milk or spoiling curds . We were frustrated because we had no wooden cupboard also to keep milk away from the cat. I thought I should teach a lesson to the cat not to enter our house. One day afternoon, I told my sisters to sit in the drawing room and I will trap the cat and teach a lesson with a stick. As expected , as it entered the middle room to drink milk , I also entered the room and locked both the doors. I became furious , I wanted to punish it , but it got scared and climbed up the beds and wanted to avoid me, but I could reach it with the help of a stool . I was about to beat it , but it sensed it was a question of its survival and also started crying loudly and was about to pounce on me to escape unhurt. Then I became panicky also ! and realised it had claw in its paws and uses its claws to tear meat also. Immediately I rushed towards the doors and opened doors wide open. Cat went out cooly. I was speechless , my sister were looking at me as to what happened . I explained what happenned in the middle room. Instead of teaching a lesson to the cat, I had learnt a lesson that when survival is under threat , any animal knows how to protect its life and it has a right too to live !!!
After 40 years…..,
We are now living in Mangalore. Here we do not have any problem of cat coming and drinking milk in our house. But one can see beautiful cats of different colours, plumpy too. Cats eat fish bones which is easily available in coastal line unlike in Malenadu.
Opposite to our house , one Tamil speaking family stay since four decades. Their compound is quite bigger . Enough space is in the front. On one side of the house, there is an open well which is very wide. It has perennial source of water all these years. Till recently, family was an undivided family having more than 13 members under its roof. The well has met the requirements of the family and neighbouring family also. Four coconut trees are also in the compound . The yield available from the coconut trees met the needs of the family. Fish is also a part of their staple food. Naturally cats visit their house frequently for the residue of food .


Last week , one fine morning it so happened that house wife Sheelakka came to know the cat , coming to their house quite often , has fallen down into their well. Although the well wide open was covered with iron mesh, nobody was knowing how the cat could fall down into the it. Funny part is that cat, in the well, was surviving!! Sometimes it could be seen but some other time could not be. Well was wide and circular cements rings were placed inside the well up to a point and thereafter laterite stones were laid along the wall of the well. Wherever stones have been laid , some stones are missing or might have fallen down in the course of four decades. Wherever stones are missing ,vaccum is created like loculus ( small cave like), where our cat was residing. They have watched its move, its cry for food, its head coming out from the small cave and thought it is hungry and needs to be fed. How could you feed from the top? They could watch the cat at a distance of around thirty feet. But they did not sit quiet . They brought a cane basket and put a piece of fish and sent to through plastic rope. When the basket reached that loculus or at a point where the cat was looking out, they held the rope at that point. The cat was using two paws and bending its body towards basket and looking at the piece of fish , they felt happy it would jump into the basket and they could pull it up. But it failed to jump into the basket but was successful in picking up the fish and eat. Once or twice , while trying to get its favourite fish food, it has fallen down into the water and from there it had jumped from water into the loculus which is very near to the water. That is how when it has fallen down into well, it could jump from water to small cave place like. This process went for two days. They could not get the cat into their basket. Then, they changed their modus operandi. Sheelakka had taken a set of her old colourful sarees and joined one to the other one and tied one end to the basket and sent the basket down near to the cat. But nothing worked out!
Next day morning , Sheelakka has shared the episode of the cat with us. She was feeling helpless , so she was sharing that they could not bring the cat out of well even with their best efforts like using basket , feeding and sarees , if it dies in the well, one has to take the dead body and its residues out and to clean the well water. The process would be lengthy , time consuming, expensive and troublesome. I wanted to help them and offered my suggestion whether they could use wooden plank with a piece of fish in place of basket and the cat may easily cross on the wooden plank and the moment it stands on the plank, it could be pulled up.She could not understand. I explained to her with a show of hands about wooden plank and way of tying the plank with a rope. She said they would try.
When I listened to her the way they tried and I thought if we provide food from time to time, it is just filling its belly and taking rest in the small cave. As I was in a hurry to go out for some work , I suggested her not to get more food to the cat and it may not try to get into the basket.
When I briefed the cat’s underground episode with my wife, she offered one easy solution. It is not that difficult but one has to go down into well and save it. She further suggested if they are ready to tie her in a rope and she would go down and bring the cat to the ground. I did not talk much and I was worried my wife might suggest this proposal and venture into it!!
I had gone to a school to help the needy children . when I came back, my wife could not control, I feel, She had gone one step forward to contact the Animal care centre. She was hopeful of saving the cat as she had written about two crises after the resolution , one such episode of 33 miners trapped in a mine in Chily and 14 children trapped in Mynamar .
It was time for lunch but my wife whisphered that we need to wait for Persons to come from Animal Care Centre. I had to agree! Three people arrived and they studied the spot , they felt it difficult to reach the cat . We lost hope of saving the cat. But they were ready to try in a different way. They brought out their big net from their van. They tied plastic rope to big net from two sides so that big net would be sent inside balanced. They sent the big net near the cat. Big net was closely held near the cave. Sheelakka’ s daughter Deepika was nicely trying to imitate the way the cat cries . I was confused whether voice was coming from inside the well. She wanted the cat to come out of the cave and come near the big net, but it did not come out. Another person from Animal care told we need to disturb it with some disturbing sound so that it may jump into the big net. He suggested we need to pump water through a pipe into the well particularly near the small cave. Sheelakka’s hubby Ravi switched on the pump set and serviceman from Animal care was holding water pipe into the well for quite sometime. But Billi did not move an inch from its cave. Meanwhile , I was getting hungry, Sheelakka was loosing patience, her hubby was feeling helpless and heard him grumbling that we have been trying since four days , it is not coming out. Sheelakka was addressing her husband that we are suffering now , you were forcing me to feed the cat whenever it was coming to our house. Moreover it is not our cat. Her hubby Ravi was telling his wife , there is nothing wrong , one should feed an animal which could not talk . We should help it to come out of danger. I understood their problem. I intervened and said , it is OK Sheelakka, it is not because you fed the cat and it fell down into the well. Something has happenned , we should try to focus on saving the cat . Ravi also repeated it and said we should help the dumb and unintelligent animal .
Persons from Animal care centre felt it difficult to bring the cat out and suggested fire brigade team to rescue operation.
Again we thought we should try once again water therapy direct to the cave from opposite direction. I felt these water therapies are really great in helping to solve many health problems and it may help in saving the life also. They were ready to cooperate but Deepika went to switch on the pump set but power was not there. We dropped idea of second operation of water therapy. However Animal care centre were generous and they allowed the big plastic net to continue for a day or two.
Meanwhile , my wife contacted fire brigade team . We could get some tips from Fire brigade team. Team said that certainly the cat would try and come out . we are supposed to help , their suggestion was we could join the coconut tree twig of one end to the other twigs to make it very lengthy one like a ladder (ತೆಂಗಿನ ಮರದ ಮಡಲು) and one end of such twigs would be kept in the basket and the other end need to reach the outside of the well. Cat would try to come out through such ladder. In case , this plan does not work, they would come to the rescue of the cat.
Ravi told Sheelakka to make arrangements of ladder from the coconut tree twigs. Everyone was hungry , left for lunch.
When we were having lunch, my wife was briefing that one of the neighbours had suggested to give fish with some sedative! I told my wife , it would not serve any purpose cat would eat it and sleep whole day. We discussed somebody familiar with entering in the well could help save the cat. Suddenly my wife recalled this was the same cat which our grandson had watched the cat interestingly and had uttered ‘meon, meon’ . Then our respect to the cat has doubled!!
Evening around 6 pm , three volunteers , friends of Deepak , Sheelakka’s son , came and one of them had gone down into the well and he was trying to catch the cat through the net. Once the man could catch the neck of the cat and was about to pull it down to the net but it got scared with the stranger and escaped and went inside the small cave. Sheelakka’s son in law was holding one end of the rope for an hour and the other end was held up by the person who has gone inside the well. I was just peeping in that the man inside the well tried a lot to trace the cat with torch but it was not coming out. It was getting dark . So the man came out and thought it to try next day.
Next day we were very curious but i had gone to school. When I was coming back and was near to the house , one creamy coloured crying cat went to our house . I thought it was rescued. When I went near to their house , neighbour’s girls were very happy to tell me , cat was brought out live. What that man has done was he had prepared a small knot ( noose, ಕುಣಿಕೆ) with a plastic rope and had cleverly managed to put around its neck and immediately somebody from the ground had pulled the rope and when it reached the pulley and unfolded the knot and made it free. Ultimately the cat had a rebirth.!! We should appreciate the entire family and the volunteers for their kind heartedness and efforts to save the dumb harmless animal.

A kind gesture of Hospitality …, By Prakash Nadahalli

When my wife’s friend Bharathi from a village near Honnavar was pestering my wife to visit them. Last year in July , we planned a trip of a day at her home. We reached Honnavar around 11 by a train . Honnavar is a small town on the sea shore in uttara Kannada district. Either by a train or by a bus , one has to cross a km long bridge built across Sharavathi river . It is really nice to watch Great Sharavathi river which passes through the western ghats and dense forest and joins the Arabian sea at Honnavar and looses its identity also. Tragedy is that a move has been made to divert water of Sharavathi river to Bangalore. This move is unviable , illogical proposal to divert natural course of the river. I personally feel it wiil be a utter failure if diverted .
We waited for a bus bound for that village where my wife’s friend Bharathi and her hubby stay.
We got a bus and reached the stop of that village. Her hubby Mr Hegde was ready there to receive us. We exchanged greetings and had light refreshments. We went on chatting . Bharathi narrated how they are homely at their home. Bus stop is very near to house. Car is their personal conveyance. At home , they have hired the services of a house maid. We were chatting in the drawing room . Both have age related health problems but were contented. We were sitting in the drawing room where sofa, diwana, TV were comfortably accommodated. The drawing room was leading into two private rooms. Adjacent to the drawing room , a small dining hall and the kitchen was there. Next to dining hall, one room ,where working items for their farm were stored and staircase to the first floor was visible. From the store room we can go to their backyard where we could watch their arecanut farm .
Everyday , four five workers would come to work in the farm. Those workers will be served a tea at 11 am and a lunch would be provided to them afternoon. Hegde showed us their water supply system and gobar making unit for the areca nut garden. Hegde couple have a son and a daughter. Son , for further studies in engineering, had gone to Australia. Daughter, an engineer , was working in Bangalore and shortly she too had planned to go to Australia to work there as an engineer. Hegde was also a banker and had worked in Sirsi and Delhi also. When he developed some health problem , he offered to resign from the bank and to settle in Honnavar. He is very cool guy. Bharathi too was working in Honnavar college as a mathematics lecturer for quite sometime. She developed a kind of pain in her leg and discontinued her service. Both looked very simple , outspoken persons and friendly.
Around 2 pm , we had sumptuous lunch with them. We had sweets, vegetable palav, rice and sambhar.
After full lunch, we had no other option than to rest for a while. We were offered a bed in the first floor. Bharathi had taken pains to get the room cleaned for us. It was very nice to watch greenery lying on the bed . Our hosts were resting on the ground floor bed room.
Both me and my wife were talking as it was slowly raining. As we had woken up in the early morning to catch train to Honnavar and we had heavy lunch also, we fell into deep sleep. We got up around 4 pm and came down to receive tea. It had rained heavily..water was gushing out from the compound. Raining has subsided but It was drizzling and we had a stroll in the compound.. Many hibiscus plants and other flower plants were there. We could watch their arecanut plantation from the compound. We could see greenery and water everywhere.
It was still 5 pm and sunshine was there. It was very cool. Both of us thought it better to walk outside for a while. We went along the road. A small river was flowing parellel to the road. After a km, there was big stream in the same river. On the other side of the river, areca nut plantation was visible. At one point, villagers had built a small bridge out of old areca nut trees tied together to pass from the road to the plantation. Sizeable amount of water was flowing under the bridge. My wife wished to experience her childhood days while she was in her village , they were passing through such bridges on their way to her sister’s house. I too had experienced such crossing arecanut trees’ bridge while I was travelling to my grandparents’ house in a village. Both crossed the bridge and were walking in the arecanut plantation. One gentleman saw us and asked our whereabouts. We shared with him that we were guests of nearby Hegde and were just exploring the village. He invited us to his house nearby and had a cup of tea. We could not reject his kind gesture. We went along with him . Within 5 minutes’ walk, we reached his house . He said his house is under repair and is staying adjacent to small house and requested us to come inside. We could sit in the drawing room which was everything. His daughter studying in nearby school was reading there only. His wife was in the next room, i.e.., kitchen. He introduced us to his wife and daughter. We talked to his daughter . His pretty daughter seemed to be very studious in her studies. She was daily commuting from village to honnavar for schooling . We said it is very nice to see your house almost in the middle of plantation. He shared his feelings, village life seems to be nice when we visit as a tourist but as a villager we had to endure lot of hardship , this year arecanut has more fungus attack. They sprayed enough medicine but it could not be brought under control. He is somehow managing the farm. Once he too was outside..he had left his house and he was in Mumbai bendi bazar , had worked there also. Later he came back to the village. Meanwhile his wife had got nice and hot tea with banana chips. While sipping tea, we said we are in Mangalore and we too were in Mumbai for three years, now leading a retired life. The banana chips were very crisp and tasty. When we were talking to his wife, we came to know her relative was near my wife’s native place. We had nice time chatting with him and his family. Outside, it was getting dark , we decided to take leave of present host. He was very happy we could spend sometime with him and received his hospitality. We too felt very happy and offered him to visit us at Mangalore.
On way back , we were discussing , how innocent the village folks , how well they treated us and shared his feelings and difficulties without any expectations from us. If we become hospitable everywhere or anywhere, how beautiful the world would be.
Next day, we planned to go back but both were insisting on us to stay back. Bharathi has kept her invitation to us on our way to Sirsi. Really it was a nice and cool trip which we could never forget.

Memories ….,Long innings of friendship By Prakash Nadahalli

At times , it so happens that though we are from well to do family or quite intelligent enough to handle our life , we feel panicky or insecured or helpless in many life situations either in work place or in personal life..anywhere. We look for support from others. In such situations, if any person just supports verbally or physically or by mere presence, we become more comfortable. I often keep remembering such situations in my workplace..
I joined to a job in a bank. I could learn work with much interest as getting a job in a bank was something great and an honour.
The branch was a mid-sized one in a town called Sirsi in Uttara Kannada district Customers were good in numbers mainly from trading community , teachers. I was the youngest person in the branch. All Staff members, though seniors to me , were very friendly.
Sirsi is very cool place. It is the second largest place, in uttara kannada. It had many roads but all were very narrow. Its two main roads are stretching from Bidki bayalu i.e. near bus stand. One narrow road was Nataraj road ending at a Devi kere (natural water Tank) and other one, Channapatna bazar leading to Hulekal road. Nataraj road had one talkies called Nataraj theatre and many stationary shops. Channapatna bazar , popularly known as C P bazar, was very busy commercial street of the town , catering to the needs of local people and population of nearby villages . Nearly seven bank branches were situated in C P Bazar only. At the end of the road was Padmashree talkies. This town had a Totagars’ Sales Society and many arecanut purchasing Mandis . Friday was a sandy day. Entire CP Bazar used to be witnessing a huge crowd on Friday. The town Sirsi was surrounded by arecanut plantations stretching nearly a radius of 25 kms. Banana and pepper crops were also grown in arecanut plantation. Production of Arecanut were sent to many cities like Akola, Nagpur in Maharashtra , Nadiad, Ahmedabad in Gujarath by road. As a result , many transport companies had offices in the town. Economy of Sirsi town was totally dependent on the production and sale of arecanut and pepper.
In the branch , as I was a new entrant , I was curious enough to learn newer things in the bank.
When I was in Savings bank and current accounts counter, I had to receive and enquire customers, to pass cheques, to make entries in the ledger , to write pass books, I had hard time and could not cope up.becoming helpless. I was not knowing what to do…my colleagues both Purush and Sarma were guiding me. Purush was advising me to first look at customers and attending to them, even told me that they were there to support me and to call him for help. During first ten days in the month, we were busy with salary payments to teachers. Many young lady teachers were visiting the branch for updating passbook or for cash withdrawals, we , being bachelors, were eager to attend to their work and make friendship with them. Purush was making me feel confident with lady clients , to look at them , smile at them and guiding me to be ease with them or with other customers. Even when I first sat in cash counter, I could manage , but it was first time, I had become nervous when there were payments. But Purush came to my closed cash chamber and counted cash many times, helped me and made me feel more comfortable . My nature was such that I was to myself sometimes and rarely be free with others. Later my association with Purush, I feel I underwent a change to be free and bit smiling with people most of the times and became confidant in my job.

I was travelling often to my native place by bus. Once it so happened that I sat in the bus. I wished I get co passenger I can chat go during my travel. One beautiful girl came and enquired if anybody was there. I said no. I was glad she sat. I started enquiring her name and whereabouts of her. We went on chatting for an hour till her stop. Journey ended.
When I came back from the native place , we went to lunch afternoon. Purush and one more Indian Bank friend Ajith joined us for lunch. He asked me who was sitting beside me on Saturday when I was travelling.I felt upset and could not talk. All of them started laughing at me. What had happened was that in the bus behind my seat, one person Mr Hegde from State Bank was sitting and had watched me chatting freely with that girl. She was his classmate also. Mr Hegde narrated this story to Ajith. Then I also joined with them in enjoying the situation!!. Later Hegde also became a friend of mine!!! . Those were the days, men won’t talk to ladies much unless they know them personally.

I was doing mimicry of some customers’ way and style of speaking. My colleagues were enjoying . I used to feel happy. Evenings we, three, Purush, Sarma , myself had walk and chat .
Even Sarma, Purush and myself had a trip to Goa. In Goa , Shivananda Gaonkar , whom I was knowing from my early training period at the time of joining, volunteered us to show beautiful Goan beaches Anjuna, Calangute, Margao Silver sand , a beautiful spot Dona paula . It was a great trip!
After two years or so, Sarma got transfer to his native place in Kerala. But later we met in Goa and became colleagues again for quite sometime. Sarma’s English was superb. I feel sad he developed some illness and did not survive till his retirement. Later, when I was a faculty in our training college at Mangalore , I could meet Sarma’ s wife who had been appointed in Sarma’s place on compassionate ground. I shared some of my memories of Sarma with his wife.

After Sarma’s transfer, Purush and me were there.
As I was a commerce graduate, we studied accountancy together for banking examination I.e., CAIIB Part-I, it was helpful for both for Purush and me.
Purush had a habit of singing Hindi songs. I have a liking for classical music, Hindi and Kannada songs . I had brought a new cassette recorder from my salary and offered Purush to record his voice. I invited him to my room and remember having recorded some Hindi songs. ” hame tumse pyar itana, hum nahi janate…….tumhare bina jee nahi sakate…” was one which i still remember .
Recently after retirement , I could chat with him and was very much glad to know still he has that cassette with him. I am happy This is a friendship still continuing …, I feel I should acknowledge the situations and the  helping hand of such persons. On my retirement , I recall my working days in the bank and many more ….in my memory.


I can not live without her…, By Prakash Nadahalli.

A gentleman contacted me over phone if he can give an appointment for a worker at his farm evening around 7 pm. Reluctantly I agreed because counselling runs minimum one hour and it nay get extended also.
Around 7 pm, gentleman apprised me that the disturbed person has to come from a distant place , it is getting late. He felt sorry and requested me to bear with him.
But once I promised, I did not want to go back on my words. Gentleman volunteered that his worker is good but he could not bear his disappointment with his love failure . The person coming from a village is a young boy of 19 years and had fallen in live with a girl of 19 years. Now girl has told him that she could not marry him , better forget her.
This person is totally upset and came to know that her family is in search of different alliance for her.
He was not ready to attend counselling session but he was forced to undergo a session by his employer, the gentleman.
Around 8.30 pm, he appeared with his coworkers and the gentleman.
He was asked to sit with me and to talk on my assurance of some help in this difficult tricky situation. Fortunately, he sat hesitantly and tried to cooperate with me. He could speak Tulu and Malayalam fluently but could manage in Kannada. I could understand Tulu but I could speak Kannada, English or Hindi.
I told him your employer has briefed me about your current situation . I want to help you in the matter if you can share your difficult situation.
He narrated that he was in love with a girl, often to meet and talk in person and over phone also. Now her family is not agreeing for their relationship. Moreover her family is seriously searching for different alliance and to fix for engagement also.
He could not bear this truth. Then I asked him what is happening
in you. He expressed he was very sad. I asked him what exactly you want in this situation . He said at any cost, he wants her. He has no answer other than remembering her.
I asked him what she liked in him or he has liked in her. He had liked her talk. Her talk was very sweet. She was encouraging him to work consistently.
He has no other thoughts and he had no words to express his love .
He was silent , he did not lift his head, he was keeping mum. I shared with him that I had passed through his age, I could understand his situation , he could not divert his attention , he must have been obsessed with her thoughts.
He has no interest in life without her. The moment he got this bad news , he became blank and went in a bike without any destination in my mind. His parents called and requested him to come back.
I asked one more question to him whether she liked him, why did she not come forward now. He told her family did not like him..she had told him to ask her dad but he did not…
I asked him what made you not to ask.. No reply from him. I offered him one option that if he can ask her dad or if he brings her dad and her, his parents, we can ask them why they are not ready for the alliance. I can help him to find out reason or ask them about his proposal . He nodded without answer.
After a while ,
We ended the session. It was more than one hour .
****** ******
Four days over after the session. I got the feedback , he is better and slowly improving himself.
*** *** ***
What went in the session, I was with him understanding his pain, without any judgement but with a support what best can be done in the situation.


A simple young man!!! By Prakash Nadahalli

When I was  working in bank’s training college stationed at Mangalore and sometimes I need to move to different places to train newly recruited employees. Once I was supposed to visit Coimbatore in Tamilnadu. I could understand Tamil but I could not speak more than rendu / moonu words. I had booked my berth in First class bogie and boarded the train from Mangalore station at 10.00 o’clock night.
No other co-passengers were there in the compartment. I thought, I am alone in the compartment and any miscreant can play any mischief, nobody comes to know of it. Later one young passenger, with one suitcase and a handbag displaying the name of a famous textile shop entered the compartment and settled down in the berth with two mobiles and iPod in hand. I just asked him whether he is travelling to Coimbatore and whereabouts. I was in a mood to talk to him a bit more. He replied shortly that he is travelling to Coimbatore and he is from Coimbatore. He was not inclined to talk more. Again he went to his own world. I thought he must be an IT engineer and usually not concerned about others and want to be in their own world. I asked him whether I could close the door. He said ok.
It may be around 12.30 pm. I got up to see this young man was still with his mobile and asked him which station we are in. He referred to his iPod and told me the station name. I continued my sleep. After a while, two more passengers entered the cabin and occupied their respective berth.
Next day morning, as the train was about to reach our station, I was awake waiting for my destination. The supposed IT guy was still sleeping. I woke him up. I did not have the details of location of the hotel, where I had booked for my accommodation. But I had the phone number of the hotel and could get the distance from the station and location of the hotel from the hotel staff. I enquired with other co-passenger who told me that there exist two stations in Coimbatore and was landed into some confusion. We reached the station and had to get down. The young man also alighted from the train.
As both of us walked along for the exit, young man told me that this train stops at one station only somewhat near to location of the hotel, I want to stay. The young man advised me that the hotel is more than 5-6 kms away and hiring taxi is better as the autorickshaw owners charge exorbitant fare. He offered me the option to accompany him as he has to reach home in the direction of the hotel. My answer was yes. He enquired with autowalas, but he asked me whether we could go by bus for half the distance and rest by other mode. I followed him and we got into a bus bound for Gandhipuram and got seat. I was simply making guess whether this man is working in Mangalore or Coimbatore. I paid little more attention to the city’s cleanliness and was impressed. After a while, we reached Gandhipuram and both of us alighted from the bus. I did n’t even ask where we are moving. He started walking and pulling his suitcase along with carry bag and took turns here and there, I followed his footsteps religiously like a calf following its mother.
As we proceeded in Gandhipuram, I said I am from banker’s training college and I asked one or two questions about this location, he answered courteously but he asked ”do you travel more”. I said not quite often. I could make out that the street we were walking was a prime business area of the city. May be we might have walked for more than 5-6 minutes, I asked him whether you have got vehicle, he said yes. He led me to other side of the road. I was guessing that this young man might have parked scooter on the road and how could I go with him as both of us have a bag and a suitcase. I could see a hoarding of textile shop which resembled the mark appearing on his handbag and thought we are heading towards that shop, but I did n’t feel asking him any questions. As guessed, we went to a lane near the hoarding and watchman handed over a key to this young man. As we entered the small by lane, I could see martui van. This may be his vehicle, I thought . I was sure my guess is correct that this man must be a salesman in the textile shop. To my surprise, besides maruti van, there was a big AC CAR, where I was offered the seat. I was dropped by him to the hotel where I intend to go. Can you guess who this young man is ……?
This young man was the simple and humble man, on a visit to the branch of their own textile shop which has got nearly four branches in Mangalore. What I understand from the event is 1) Though one is very rich, one can be as simple as one can use public conveyance and one can maintain as low a profile as, he never boasted about his business 2) One can be very humble to care for others. He is a model for the younger generation, especially spendthrift people. I had gone to train younger generation in the training class but I learnt lesson from a younger man!!


An evening in Kadri Park. By Prakash nadahalli


Today is the first day of exhibition of flowers and fruits in Mangalore. When we were mid – aged, we had to have many purchasings like clothes, utensils or households to meet requirements of our growing family . we used to visit bazaar in Mangalore or in cities wherever we were working.
But in post retirement life , we do not do much shoppings. Our family requirements came down to limited shoppings except for groceries. We do not have new needs. We grow some vegetables as well in our kitchen garden . We do not enjoy going to bazaar except once in a month. Whenever we go out, we do not miss a visit to restaurant or a churumuri or sugarcane juice in a stall.
Our attention now is more towards calm atmosphere , a little but of work in kitchen garden, listening to music concerts in Town hall or at Kadri park in Mangalore, to visit kitchen gardens. My wife is more interested in garden related activities and I’m into psychological counselling for clients for the part of the day.
An evening in Karavali festival , we recently had an opportunity to listen to a music concert at Kadri park . The young artist from kerala was Madhu Shree Narayani, Hindustani vocalist and versatile singer . She sang chota khayal in bhageshree, tumri gazal and a bhajan as well . We felt she has a bright future. It was very nice to listen to such melodious music which soothens our mind and body in a cool and calm atmosphere i.e. Kadri park. Many a times, morning music concerts are also held for the music lovers of Mangalore.
Many health conscious young , middle aged and senior citizens to keep themselves in the society were busy with walking around the garden. Kadri park is a good lung space in the busy city with too much traffic of all kinds which creates air pollution and noise pollution. But the tragedy is we have few parks in this growing city. Tagore park in the heart of the city is not spacious like Kadri park and nobody visits there.
This year also , a fair of flower and fruit has been arranged at Kadri park.
We could see vegetable plants like lady finger, chilli, brinjal, creepers bitter gourds, hire, sorekai, green vegetables…The growth of all these plants were excellent. All these were maintained by Horticulture department , Mangalore. Many flower plants, flowers of different colour were nicely decorated . Flower arrangement were very much pleasant to look at. In the middle of the exhibition area, beauty of an old bamboo tree with lush green with lighting arrangements was catching our eyes.



Some shops selling farm equipments, seeds of vegetable and flower plants , ice cream prepared from arecanut, pepper , earthern pots, manures, solar shops  were also seen.
In the heart of the Park, some nurseries and Department of Horticulture Mangalore and Belthangadi were busy selling seeds of all kinds and nursery saplings . Belthandi unit of Horticulture Dept were selling many vegetable plants for Rs. 1 for a plant. Unlimited exotic plants with flowers, bonsai plants were nice to look at.
People , mainly middle aged , especially female from all community were happy to watch and busy with buying saplings and seeds. We also bought some seeds and saplings from the exhibition.
The other part of the Park has many trees , plants with flowers and greenary haver soothing effect on the visitors. Many paths have been laid out for walking public. Some fitness exercise equipments are also there for the benefit of citizens and children. We also strolled for a while.
It was time for us to relax on a bench with tasting an ice cream and churumuri from a stall and we thought that in Indian towns and cities , we have followed the western models in constructing concrete buildings, in buying motor vehicles but we have failed to follow the other models like discipline in driving the vehicles on road, civic sense of parking , sense of growing minimum 5 plants in our backyard. We do not demand a park or playgrounds for kids and citizens.
In Mangalore also , it is painful that citizens have lost a part of Kadri park for establishing a petrol bunk. Are we not aware of the benefits of a park like good air to breath, a place to walk, sit to chat, an entertainment for our kids, our future citizens! Can not we demand a park in all locality , a town or city or residential area from our Government ?
Anyway we felt happy after filling our mind with the greenary at the park and said good bye to the Park.










An opportunity to look at Udupi Sarees By Prakash Nadahalli

A look at the weaving hall

In hot Sun, me and my wife went out to catch a bus to Kinnigoli, but we didn’t get a bus in time. So bus journey was not pleasant. We had an invitation to attend a function of honouring a weaver at Kinnigoli . it is an hour journey from Mangalore to reach Kinnigoli which is a medium sized town with some bank branches, hotels, shops and establishments. When We came out of the bus, we could see the board of Talapadi Weavers’ Cooperative Society.
We enetered the compound of the society and could see three / four persons assembled in the hall. We heaved a sigh of relief that we were not late to the function. We were very much curious to know how a saree or any cloth is weaved with handloom. The rattling sound of handlooms attracted us there.
In the adjoining hall, six handlooms could be seen. Out of them three handlooms were handled by the ladies. Four wooden pillars were erected to fix a handloom and some two or three colours thread were on the looms. Women folks were using both the legs to move one lever up and the other down, while hands were used to weave. It was a unique experience to see how a shawl and saree were weaved. It is very delicate work. One has to learn that skill . The skill of weaving requires much concentration in work, good eye sight, patience with both the legs and hands working in tandem. Before this process of weaving , there were many background works like colouring the threads, put them in splindes, designs of the saree, towels, bed sheets and bringing the threads to these handlooms.
We turned more curious on how these handlooms with wooden parts are made and who could do out these meticulously. An old man Dasappa narrated that local carpenters had this skill. Now wooden pillars have become very costly as wood is a scarce commodity. He took us to show third floor of the building where two carpenters were on the job.
He explained to us that one comb would be there through which all the threads should pass through. Combs will depend on the thickness of the threads like 20, 40, 60, 80 , 100 and 120 numbers. As the number of the thread increases , thickness of the thread lessens. Saree will be of 60 no thread. One senior man Sanjeevanna could weave saree in 120 no thread. Saree of 120 no thread would not cross its weight of 325 grams. Twenty years ago, this society had nearly 970 members, now it has come to 100. Weavers’ society had good market. Now because of education and no respect for the hand made clothes, weaving, which was a source income to many families , is on the verge of extinction. 20 years ago, it was a common scene to see one or two handlooms in many houses of this community. Many members of the family , though working for other jobs, would attend to handlooms one or two hours daily as part of their sacred duty at home . It is amazing this society has three storey building even now . It has taken birth in 1951 and was doing well in those days.
Chikkappa Shetty and Mamata rai have created a trust to encourage the weavers’ community to continue this skill of weaving saree’s called Udupi Saree’s. In Udupi also seven cooperative societies are functioning. This trust , ” KADIKE TRUST” , has created an awareness among weaving community about the importance of old skill and has done wide publicity about the quality of Udupi Saree through social media. Now the society is getting good enquiries from people about Sarees. Trust has undertaken an initiative to train new entrants into weaving with the help of Nabard. SELCO, a solar power promoter has agreed to finance illumination for production area. Trust has taken an initiative to recognise the senior weavers. Today , this was one such ocassion, we were invited to share their concern about weavers. It was something great for us to know that Weavers’ community in Kinnigoli , a small tiny place , had good , decent , noble job of providing clothing to people locally and elsewhere in the state in the olden days. We felt very happy with them and shared our thoughts with them. If our visit to their society is a bit inspiring one , our day is satisfying one.

By Prakash Nadahalli